favorite quotes from les misérables » volume iv, book vi


favorite quotes from les misérables » volume iv, book vi



i’ve seen a couple captain america: the winter soldier AUs in the les mis fandom and they usually involve enjolras and those are great but like okay hear me out on this one


cosette as captain america and éponine as the winter soldier

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the mark of the broken

No, that’s the mark of fandoms who still remember what hope is like.This is the mark of the broken:




to me the saddest part of the end of les mis is this exact moment:


when you realize that the barricade boys’ heaven is a world where everyone stood up and fought with them and where they weren’t the only ones sitting on their side of the barricade

where no one abandoned them to die

Actually I always thought the saddest thing was the other side of the barricade. It’s empty.

They’re not fighting anyone.

Because though the Les Amis wanted social change and revolution, they never wanted to hurt anyone. Enjolras cried when he was forced to shoot a solider reloading the cannon. They had guns and barricades because of the state of society; they knew revolution had to come with bloodshed.

But here, in heaven, in their perfect world, it doesn’t. The barricade is symbolic. There’s no fighting. It’s just everyone rising up together to change the world peacefully.

Not So Friendly Les Mis Facts:



Tom Hooper has said that Marius looks up in this scene because he can hear the choir singing. Essentially, half of him is there with Cosette, and half of him is in the afterlife with his friends.


do you ever get angry because we got a brand new song in the les misèrables movie but we didn’t get all of drink with me


Les Amis de l’ABC as random TV characters » Enjolras as Leslie Knope

"I’ve gotten to know the city councilmen pretty well because of my campaign. If you hear them talking about that blonde pain in the ass, that’s me."


i made a thing!!!!! 17 things really…. modern au pixels…… (not like i had more important things to do right)

i made these for my pixel family page uwu dimly animated them for me later but these are the static versions, zoomed in 200%„ please click them to see them sharp bc tumblr ruins things

i’m rly pleased w how they came out!! i hadn’t pixelled in a while…