APOLOGIES to everyone who’s still waiting on their color palette requests, I haven’t forgotten them but I just needed to take this evening to do a personal piece dedicated to our lord and savior Tim Howard, infallible and impeccable goalkeeper of the USMNT, in palette #1, because he is numero uno in every way

complicated ; a Parksborn mix

"everything is complicated with Peter." but so is the case with Harry;

it is simple the way they come together, fit back into each other’s lives, fall back into old habits, fill the span of 8 years and the space between their bodies; it is not so simple the way they come apart.

01 Alleyways - The Neighbourhood / 02 Seven - Fever Ray / 03 Rich Kid Blues - Lykke Li / 04 Mouthful Of Diamonds - Phantogram / 05 Misread - Kings Of Convenience / 06 Ribs - Lorde07 Ms - Alt-J / 08 High And Dry - Radiohead / 09 No Trace - Ms Mr / 10 Honest - The Neighbourhood / 11 My Only Friend - Phantogram
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S.O.L. ; the young scion that was meant to inherit the world, but all he inherited was death; trust fund baby loaded on wealth but shit outta luck; messed up, rich and hopeless, what’s a boy to do? a mix for Harry Osborn from TASM2

01 Let It Go - The Neighbourhood / 02 Nothing But Trouble - Phantogram / 03 Amazing - Kanye West / 04 Semi-Automatic - twenty one pilots / 05 Haemoglobin - Placebo / 06 House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls - The Weeknd07 Numb - Marina & The Diamonds / 08 Machine Gun - Portishead / 09 Lost Cause - Imagine Dragons / 10 I Might Be Wrong - Radiohead

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> starts watching Kings for beautiful dark prince Sebastian Stan

> unexpectedly falls in love with Ian McShane and draws a whole bunch of King Silas, man his face is just the best

ok I have a bunch of sketches over my trip to clean/color and post but I saw Wolverine 2 on the plane today and it was actually pretty good?? and Yukio was soooo cool I just had to crank this out real fast

alternate title to Cap 2: Everybody Loves Steve (except Bucky)

cuz dammit I wanted to draw something cute for the Captain of my heart uwww

HOWDY NEW FOLLOWERS jaysus chroist there’s a lot of you thank you all for following! If you’re here for art and Cap 2 stuff you’re in time for me to be nigh completely absent from the interwebs for the next 2 weeks cuz I’m going on a wilderness sabbatical vacation overseas but hopefully I’ll have a lot of travel sketches to post when I get back \o/

ghost in the machine ; ”who the hell is Bucky?” ; there is no man named Bucky Barnes ; there is only the boogeyman, the gleam of metal amid fire and smoke, the killer between the lines of history, the mechanized ghost ; a partly instrumental electronic/industrial playlist for the Winter Soldier

01 Infiltrator - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross / 02 Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix) - White Stripes / 03 Stress (NEUS Remix) - Justice / 04 Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums - A Perfect Circle / 05 Winter War - Noisia & Black Sun Empire / 06 The Sound Of ForgettingTrent Reznor & Atticus Ross / 07 Stasis (Alpha Beta Mix) - X-TG / 08 Zero-Sum (The Mercy Groove) - Nine Inch Nails / 09 My Iron Lung (D-Mand Remix) - Radiohead / 10 Ghost - VNV Nation / 11 What If We Could? - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross 

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