yes I’m still doing that color palette meme that everyone’s moved on from cuz I’m slow as hell

Nathan Drake in #3 for echelondriac! He’s running away from supernatural danger, armed thugs, and/or explosions after having disturbed an ancient site that is almost always guaranteed cursed. Also he might want to adjust his hold on that relic which could whiplash really hard and hit him in the face

APOLOGIES to everyone who’s still waiting on their color palette requests, I haven’t forgotten them but I just needed to take this evening to do a personal piece dedicated to our lord and savior Tim Howard, infallible and impeccable goalkeeper of the USMNT, in palette #1, because he is numero uno in every way

complicated ; a Parksborn mix

"everything is complicated with Peter." but so is the case with Harry;

it is simple the way they come together, fit back into each other’s lives, fall back into old habits, fill the span of 8 years and the space between their bodies; it is not so simple the way they come apart.

01 Alleyways - The Neighbourhood / 02 Seven - Fever Ray / 03 Rich Kid Blues - Lykke Li / 04 Mouthful Of Diamonds - Phantogram / 05 Misread - Kings Of Convenience / 06 Ribs - Lorde07 Ms - Alt-J / 08 High And Dry - Radiohead / 09 No Trace - Ms Mr / 10 Honest - The Neighbourhood / 11 My Only Friend - Phantogram
( 8tracks | download )

S.O.L. ; the young scion that was meant to inherit the world, but all he inherited was death; trust fund baby loaded on wealth but shit outta luck; messed up, rich and hopeless, what’s a boy to do? a mix for Harry Osborn from TASM2

01 Let It Go - The Neighbourhood / 02 Nothing But Trouble - Phantogram / 03 Amazing - Kanye West / 04 Semi-Automatic - twenty one pilots / 05 Haemoglobin - Placebo / 06 House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls - The Weeknd07 Numb - Marina & The Diamonds / 08 Machine Gun - Portishead / 09 Lost Cause - Imagine Dragons / 10 I Might Be Wrong - Radiohead

( 8tracks | download )

> starts watching Kings for beautiful dark prince Sebastian Stan

> unexpectedly falls in love with Ian McShane and draws a whole bunch of King Silas, man his face is just the best

ok I have a bunch of sketches over my trip to clean/color and post but I saw Wolverine 2 on the plane today and it was actually pretty good?? and Yukio was soooo cool I just had to crank this out real fast