no but really we got a Kunizuka backstory ep so why no Kagari backstory ep?? /??????? WHY

But we did, sort of. Kagari doesn’t have much of a story because he was labeled as a Latent Criminal at 5 years old. So you can imagine he was likely detained until he was shown to have an aptitude to be an Enforcer.

I’d disagree about Kagari not having “much of a story” cuz a lifetime in isolation could be/is a story in its own right. And more than Kunizuka’s situation (which is a fairly normal young adult suddenly “tainted”, marked criminal and put away) I was interested to see what juvie detainment was like in a society under Sibyl. It’s basically juvenile life imprisonment without parole. What was it like for the parents? Are there visitation rights? What’s it like to grow up from adolescence in that kind of environment? Are there attempts to educate or socialize the children in the system, or are they given up on completely cuz they will never be reintroduced to society anyway? Way more interesting and significant to world-building than Kunizuka’s episode, imo. How does Kagari go from juvie isolation from 5 years old to who he is now? I WANT TO KNOW

…you make a very good point actually. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kagari and I refuse to believe that he’s really dead, so I wasn’t trying to push him to the wayside or anything. Hopefully we’ll get more development on his part in season 2, either by flashbacks or in the case that he’s still alive.

god yeah I’m half in denial still cuz “death isn’t confirmed if there’s no body!!!” but in this case, there being no body means… he’s pretty damn dead… /cries forever

man it hurts to say this but tbh by this point I’m not sure if I want him to still be alive, his influence on Akane was such an important legacy and a plot twist like that would cheapen it imo. But I definitely want his memory to be alive in S2, I hope that someone in the team kept one of his knickknacks, maybe Akane visits a juvie detainment center and uses her special privileges to pass on his toys to other kids like him sdlfhsgsd please Psy-Pass this is all I want for S2 please give it to me

Fan: You’ve said in previous conventions that you really wanted to be Wonder Woman, and I was wondering if you’ve ever seen pictures of this artist on tumblr where she drew you as Wonder Woman?

Interviewer: Can you talk to Joss? Remember how there were rumors about him directing it? (x)/(x)

Emma Stone interviewed by an 8-year-old


once gwen dies, i want mary jane to be played by emma stone with red hair and for everyone to pretend like nothing happened




Marvel needs to make a YouTube channel where they get the cast of the avengers to do everyday stuff as their characters

Yes I would like to donate all of my money

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wow I enjoy this stupid top hat Arlen Hawke icon so much can I keep it forever


oH MY G0d

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