First fanart I’ve draw in months…

This was vaguely inspired by a prompt in this post about Steve taking care of Bucky and trying to restore him to his old self but apparently that was too cheerful for me so it turned into Bucky angsting in front of a cracked mirror because symbolism.

caught myself browsing Cap 2 blogs with a hand on my face like a one-handed chinhands (the other hand is on the mouse scrolling obvsly) and I realize now this is something I do a lot w t f I’m a goober


Because this video was constantly taken down, and/or was geographically restricted, I am uploading it here.

WARNING: It contains Sebastian Stan speaking Romanian.

A Softer World 1087
A Softer World 1087

They call him the Winter Soldier. He reminds me more of fire, though.


They call him the Winter Soldier. He reminds me more of fire, though.


people who reblog your stuff and write nice things in the tags


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when u get a cute button up shirt and u think it’s going to fit and it does but. but then. u see it.  The Thing



he’s busy saturday

because of THIS


additionally, I CANNOT GET OVER Steve’s fucking Sadness Errands that he keeps running around DC, like, his schedule literally goes

6 AM: jogging

7:15: unburden soul to total stranger, lacking better options

3 PM: visit own museum exhibit to stare at the Dead Best Friend Wall

4:30: attempt meaningful human connection with sole surviving contemporary; fail due to Alzheimer’s

6 PM: dinner for one

7 PM: contemplate own loneliness, probably